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New to Golf

I want to make golf accessible to everyone.

Come along, try out a FREE lesson with me and have some fun.

No skills required, no equipment, no fancy clothing, just some enthusiasm.

Golf is a great game to play at any age and where better to learn to play than here in sunny Spain.

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Existing Golfer


I will change your game, but only by building on and improving how you play.

I won’t change your swing, I will work with you to help you improve your swing.

I will challenge you to see and do things differently. 

Have you tried hitting the ball with your eyes closed?

Quick Fix Clinics

If you have any problems with certain aspects of your game, then come along to one of my Quick Fix Clinics:

Putting, Chipping, Distance, you name it, I have a clinic to fix it.

Only 15 euros for 1/2 hour session

Play a round of golf with me at your own course

There’s more to golf than just a good swing:

Mental game


Course management

Stroke saver

Distance reference

Shot tracer

Club fitting


During our game, I’ll give you the inside track to make key improvements

We offer private golf lessons service, golf academies, travel tours in Spain, golf travel in Ireland, ...

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