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PMAC08 local rules & etiquette



Play the course as you find it and play the ball as it lies. Play by the R&A Rules and in the spirit of the game. You are responsible for applying your own penalties if you breach a rule, so that you cannot gain any potential advantage over your opponent in match play or other players in stroke play.

Special attention for the Monday Club:

In general any complains or disagreements will be addressed to the committee. Please no backbite and conspiracy, it is not funny when one find out.

  • Do NOT interrupt Pearse will he is teaching

  • Green-fee (only CASH payments, requested by the club) will be collected at the desk or in the clubhouse by a member of the committee

  • The R&A and local rules are used on the course

  • Be 10 minutes before your teatime on the first hole

  • Do NOT play with range balls ever, playing these balls are considered theft and are not good for the integrity of the group and especially the PRO

  • Players are expected to: Start each round on time, and Play continuously and at a prompt pace during each hole until the round is completed. When it is a player’s turn to play, it is recommended that he or she make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds, and usually more quickly than that.

  • Max 3 min search for his or her ball in play after each stroke. If you can not find your ball, you can either go back to previous position with 1 stroke penalty, or to keep up with the pace approx. where you think you lost it and agreed by your accompanied players with a 2 stroke penalty. Remember playing a new ball means giving up the previous ball even if you find it afterwards

  • The flight in front ALWAYS have priority in pace of play

  • Fill in your scorecards clearly so that the person who is taking care of the scoring doesn’t ’t have too much work. Proposal is the marker writes in 2 different fields on the scorecard the strokes and the STBLF points ex. 4  3 and his/her own score at the bottom in 1 field ex. 4/2

  • NO buggies close to the green. Put your buggies or trolleys in the direction of the next hole and not in front of the green you are playing on. This to keep up with the pace

  • Bookings for the next game will be done via the website club. This can be done from Tuesday 8:00 till Thursday 17:00. If for some reason you can not make it please cancel via whatsapp or website before Friday 13:00

  • Priority booking is given to the following people: 1.Regular “paid” members.          2. Guests where space permits.

  • Guests are only permitted to play on one occasion. If they wish to play again they need to join PMAC Monday Club which is still cheaper than paying the full Vistabella fee with buggy.

  • Anyone found to be cheating in the group will no longer be allowed to play again. 


    Breach of the rules:    


     1. Warning 

     2. 1 week suspension

     3. Explanation to the committee

     4. NOT welcome anymore


Honesty, integrity and courtesy are the 3 keywords a golfer must respect at all times!

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