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About PMAC08 aka Pearse Mcmurray

I am a golf teaching professional orginally from Ireland but after qualifying as a golf professional I moved to sunny Spain.
It is here that I have developed my own unique coaching style where I obtain the best out of my clients by using my special and unique methods that allows my clients to devlop their game.

“if we could swing like you then we would all be pros”.

My teaching techniques are simple so everyone can swing like me.

Most people focus on hitting the ball, this causes them to swing hard and fast and many times this results in missed shots.

I can teach you how to overcome this and get the body and mind to work together to improve your golf.

What People Say About Me

Pearse is very patient and very encouraging. He explains things in a simple way that novices to golf can understand. He will always stop and ask how your golf is going and how he can help in any.

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